As of Summer 2012
Ecosa Design Studio
is no longer
accepting new projects.
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About Us

Antony Brown

Registered Architect

Founding Principal







Thomas J. (Tom) Hahn

Director of Design

LEED-AP Certified






For the past 18 years, Tom Hahn has been a leader in the movement toward a more responsible environmental approach to architecture. As an assistant professor in the Arizona State University School of Architecture he brought an intellectual rigor to his students pushing them to think in complex way about the meaning of design and its relationship to its impact on resources. As the founding principal of Sol Source Architecture he has produced a strong body of environmentally appropriate building and has, in addition, not only been the designer but also the contractor. Tom’s strong commitment to the creation of environmentally and economically sound design strategies and his expertise in construction method and techniques brings a unique approach to all Ecosa Design Studio projects. One of the leaders in the rediscovery of straw bale building and project architect for one of the first and most technically advanced sustainable projects –the APS showcase home in Phoenix - he has demonstrated a commitment and depth of knowledge far beyond his peers.