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Creating Architecture The Earth Can Afford

Ecosa Design Studio :: Architecture & Planning is led by Tony Brown, founder of the Ecosa Institute of Environmental Design and former head of design and construction at Arcosanti, and Tom Hahn, former head of Sol Source Architecture and Three Rivers EcoBuilders.

Ecosa Design’s singular purpose is the exploration of the potentials of environmentally-responsible high-architecture. Using “systems thinking” design methods, Ecosa Design seeks to develop built environments that synergize the “ecological” and “experiential”, the “designed” and the “constructed”, the “economical” and the “extraordinary”, and the “esoteric” and the “practical”, in every facet and at every scale of our projects. Toward that end, Tony and Tom lead Ecosa on a continuous mission to be a cutting edge design, research and education endeavor, uniquely focused on the full breadth and depth of ecological design and construction practices, and how to turn those practices into intriguingly engaging environments.

We believe that an integrated, holistic, evolutionary design process is the most effective means to that end – far beyond just picking "eco-correct" materials to score points, or arbitrarily applying 'faux-naturale' styles. In the Ecosa process, we shape a project by responding to, and harmonizing the available natural and human-made energies, resources and capabilities of a particular site, in concert with the context, program and budget; always striving "to make the most with the least" in every design move. In this way we minimize the energy, materials and cost impact – and vastly improve the environmental responsibility of a project – rather than just simply inserting sometimes costly "green" products or hyper-efficient systems into an otherwise typical design to solve its flaws.

At the same time, this process creates a true "architecture of place," consciously but ego-lessly evolved to experientially express the unique qualities of its full "environment." Our goal is to create projects that have an understandable aesthetic, rooted in their ecological soundness; to evoke a rich experience of "rightness" without resorting to the arbitrarily esoteric or stylistic... striving toward how nature has evolved a flower – making it beautiful, timeless and sustainable.

In this way, we not only design with the fullest range of environmentally-responsible ideas, strategies, systems, products and materials, but we also create lasting, elegant, experiential and award-winning architectural design. Furthermore, we are also committed to awareness of not only the design, but also the actual construction detailing and costs of alternative and environmental building methods, employing this knowledge throughout the design process. And finally, we are strongly committed to the quality and integrity of the process of architecture, seeing it as our professional responsibility to be forthright, prudent and exacting with our clients' resources, as well as those of the planet.


We call our approach Designing and Building

with Respect for the "Four E's"...

"Environment, Experience, Economy, and Ethics."