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Levitt Renovation

Phoenix, Arizona

This design explores the potential of environmental remodeling in conjunction with highly structured contemporary form-making.  The original masonry-constructed house was built in the 1970’s, and our design sought to preserve as much of the original masonry structure as possible while opening the house up for more daylighting and natural ventilation.  Utilizing recycled-content steel for much of the new structure, the project employs careful placement of glazing, overhangs and trellises for maximum daylighting with minimum heat gain.  Existing masonry walls are layered with insulation and finish to smooth the experiential lines of the house, improve overall durability and greatly increase insulation value (from R-4 to R-21).  The interior of the house is being reorganized within the existing footprint for more spatial flexibility, openness, daylighting and natural ventilation.

Energy systems include passive solar heating design, natural ventilation design, highly insulated fiberglass windows and glazing, high-performance heat-pump, underground ductwork air distribution, and a thermal flywheel finished concrete slab.  Materials include recycled content steel fascias, trellis and finishes, alternative materials cabinets, ultra-low VOC paints and finish coatings, recycled content wood flooring and stair treads, recycled cellulose insulation, and concrete countertops.