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Roebuck Straw-Bale Home

Apache Junction, Arizona

This home’s design is based around a fantastic view of the Superstition Mountains due east of the site, with a rocky hillside to the north, and otherwise limited and selected views to the south and west.  The form arises as a disintegration of a simple rectangular gable-roofed box into a sweeping, reaching and view/sun fractured form that allows in just the right views, sun and wind while rising up in response to the mountains and sky.  This form then balances the precise, light steel frame against the massive, thick, earthy straw-bale walls, expressing the union of earth and sky.

Built as a non-load-bearing straw-bale building framed with a steel structure, there is almost no wood used in the building, as all interior walls are steel studs and even window/door subframes and sill plates are composite recycled plastic lumber.  The project further uses recycled steel stairs, stained concrete floors, ultra-low VOC paints, highly-efficient heat-pump system with 100% fresh-air capability, recycled steel roofing, highly-efficient fiberglass windows and doors, low-flow plumbing fixtures, and concrete countertops.