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APS Environmental Showcase Home

Phoenix, Arizona

(in collaboration with Jones Studio, Inc.)

Designed as a “showcase of environmental ideas, strategies, systems, products and materials”, the ESH is a world-renowned example of pushing the environmental edge of energy-, water-, and materials-efficiency, from the site scale to the finish details.  The design takes a simple rectangular plan and simple roof structure, and exploits daylighting, natural ventilation techniques to create architectural richness with precise environmentally responsive form-making.  Placing living spaces at the core, in a narrow form with its long axis east-west, buffered by sleeping spaces to the east and west and utility spaces to the north, this simple form makes for very efficient passive functionality.

The project uses a whole host of environmental cutting edge systems and materials... too many to list here.  The primary building systems are slag-blasted super-efficient Integra insulated CMU wall system with SuperGreen expanding polyurethane foam, engineered wood roof structure, finger-jointed lumber wall framing, recycled steel stud interior framing, metal roofing and fascias, and recycled steel trellises.  The primary passive energy efficient elements are ultra-super-insulated heat-mirror glazing systems (R-9), cellulose insulation (R-40), stained concrete slab thermal flywheel, calculated glazing areas and roof overhangs, “solar sponge” shades on north clerestory, calculated cross and stack natural ventilation, day-long and uniform daylighting.  Active energy elements include 2kw of photovoltaic electricity, solar water heating panels, motorized fabric trellises, zoned high-efficiency heat-pump with 100% fresh-air capability, heat pump water heater, ultra-efficient electric lighting, lighting control system and ultra-efficient appliances.  Water-efficiency elements included no-potable water landscaping, integrated rainwater/graywater harvesting, storage and re-use system, ultra-low-flow fixtures, ultra-low-use appliances, and an entirely sub-surface irrigation system.  Materials efficiency elements included integral color finished concrete floor, recycled glass tile, zero-formaldehyde plywood and MDF cabinets, recycled composite lumber siding, 100% recycled content carpets, recycled marble dust tiles, zero-VOC paints and sealers, non-toxic adhesives and caulking.