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APS Environmental Showcase Home

Phoenix, Arizona

(in collaboration with Jones Studio, Inc.)

Designed as a “showcase of environmental ideas, strategies, systems, products and materials”, the ESH is a world-renowned example of pushing the environmental edge of energy-, water-, and materials-efficiency, from the site scale to the finish details.  The design takes a simple rectangular plan and simple roof structure, and exploits daylighting, natural ventilation techniques to create architectural richness with precise environmentally responsive form-making.  Placing living spaces at the core, in a narrow form with its long axis east-west, buffered by sleeping spaces to the east and west and utility spaces to the north, this simple form makes for very efficient passive functionality.

Black Canyon Trailhead Facilities

New River, Arizona

(in collaboration with Jones Studio, Inc.)

The design of this completely off-grid project springs from a synergy between the experiential elements of “pioneer structures” along the Black Canyon Trail, and the environmental elements of desert and climate harmonious form, materials and systems.  Desert- and vandal-resistant materials of native stone, sandblasted concrete block, concrete slabs and site furniture, recycled and recyclable weathering steel cladding, and galvanized metal roofing are assembled in efficient and elegant forms and ways, making “the most with the least”, just as the pioneers did.  These forms, then, also respond to the sun, wind, rain and views in carefully articulated ways, always looking to layer more environmental responsibility into fewer moves and less material usage.  Intended as the first of a prototype set of structures to be built along the length of the Black Canyon Trail, the project is made of design “components” that can be constructed of different materials, depending on the location and accessibility of a specific facility along the trail.